The 7 details that make a man sexy!

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5 min readMar 13, 2022

You are handsome, funny, smart, cool… you have everything to please! But are you sexy? A sexy man will find it easier to seduce! So how to be? We investigated to list the 7 details that make a man sexy.

1. The perfume!!!

These odorous substances play a key role in the impression we want to give off. Indeed, the latter generate reactions by unconsciously reminding the brain, with the sense of smell, of an odor associated with an individual.

True essence of seduction ! You cannot seduce without having left an olfactory imprint ! A charismatic power emanates from this love potion to captivate the fairer sex.

Floral, oriental, woody, fruity notes… but what are the scents of perfumes that appeal to women ?

2. It’s all in the accessory!

Fashion accessories are among the essentials of the male wardrobe . Impossible to do without it to achieve a successful look. Do you know what makes a man sexy ?

Let’s start with the essential: the jewel . Watch, bracelet, ring, these jewels dress your hands and your wrists, because the virility mixed with the fragility of the jewel instantly makes you a sexy man . You will therefore have understood, adopt the three!

Tie or bow tie? The women have chosen their camp: the bow tie is more charming! It is this quirky side of the fashion accessory that they find sexy in a man.

How about a small pair of glasses ? Whether in view or in the sun, it will immediately give you an air of mystery . Ideal to seduce Madame! Of course, you have to choose the model that suits what you want to release.

3. Rolled sleeves, visible ankles…

Nothing sexier than a man who pays attention to the small details of clothing . These are the details that will set you apart from the rest, and it’s the process of paying attention to them that will make you sexy .

Heat ! It’s summer, so pull out your best shirts and roll up your elbow-length sleeves to show off your muscular forearms. Leave the first 3 buttons of your shirt open for a casual style.

Another little detail that makes the girls crack: the visible ankles ! So opt for socks, or simply do not wear them for the craziest.

4. The Sporty Man

The athletic man reassures the woman! Yes, Madame needs a strong, imposing and protective man to feel safe!

Certain sports make them all crack: boxing, tennis, climbing, swimming…. Gentlemen, you just have to choose the one you prefer !

Abs or arms? Contrary to popular belief, women are more sensitive to strong arms rather than chocolate bars. Especially since they fantasize as soon as the prominent veins appear on your forearms. On the other hand, many of them do not appreciate those with too muscular and bodybuilded physique. Know how to share things!

5. The manly attitude

Gentlemen, if you are among those who wish to assert their sex appeal , be manly! It’s no longer a secret, it’s all in the attitude! First start by developing your charisma , because the charismatic man is attractive . This is the key to success in being a sexy man .

Be yourself, and above all do not depend on anyone (except mom) ! To do this, you need to gain self- confidence . Forget the eyes of others, because in the end you will never be able to please everyone. And then, to please everyone is to please anyone. Stop breaking your head, seduction is a game !

It is the insurance that represents your inner strength , your power of attraction and your strong character . For a woman, it is self-confidence that conveys the values ​​of security and protection.

6. Take risks

Women are attracted to brave men , those who aren’t afraid to take risks . To take risks is to exceed one’s limits and it is this desire to always do better by freeing oneself from risks that makes a man sexy.

Speaking of risk, having a scar would also be appealing ! Of course, we do not encourage you to make one! It’s just to make you understand that it’s not a defect. No need to complex on this mark anchored on your forehead!

7. Walk your dog

Finally, we finish this list of the 7 details that make a man sexy with your pet (if you have one) . Walking your dog will crack them all. Why ? Quite simply because a dog is cute and it shows your ability to take care of someone. It’s a bit like having a child but with less responsibility, it will make you more mature in his eyes.

So if you want to adopt a mature, relaxed and accessible attitude , borrow Grandma’s dog!

You now have all the cards in hand to be a sexy man .

Gentlemen, see you soon on for new advices.



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