Which Male Perfume To Choose In 2022 To Be An Attractive Man?

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Choosing your men’s perfume in summer is not the same as in winter! If in winter you can afford to wear heavier perfumes, which leave a powerful wake behind you, in summer, it is better to choose a light perfume for men!

The objective is not to asphyxiate the subway train or the girl who leans towards you to smell you! Discover the fragrance for men that will suit you best this summer!

Fragrance is very personal, it’s a unique choice, and you need to take the time to select your men’s fragrance today.

You and I don’t have the same nose, neither does your best friend, that’s why you’ll have to experiment to find the summer 2022 men’s fragrance.

I’m going to give you some light juice ideas to wear to smell good and attract girls, but before that, some techniques for choosing your masculine perfume.

How to choose your male fragrance for 2022?

Whether you opt for a perfume, eau de parfum, eau de cologne or any creation, take your time!

When I say take your time, it could mean a month, the time to test various perfume samples for men at home!

Here are the 6 steps to choose the best perfume for men , the one that will suit you. A final reminder: better does not mean MORE EXPENSIVE!

Step 1 : identify the brands that you like, go to Séphora or Marionnaud or the local perfumery and approach the saleswoman, explaining to them that you are looking for a perfume for men.

Step 2 : test 4 men’s perfumes in the store. One on top of the right wrist, one below, one on the left wrist, and a fourth below.

You will quickly be fixed: you will like certain perfumes from their first notes, and exclude others.

But you know that a perfume lives, it changes during the first 5 minutes, then the hour, then the day.

Don’t take out your credit card in 5 minutes, especially no impulse buying for men’s perfume.

Thank the saleswoman, and ask her for a sample of the fragrances you liked.

Step 3 : at home, before going to the party, or before going to work, spray a touch of perfume (say BOSS) on your right wrist, and another touch on your sweater or the collar of your shirt .

These two places will evolve differently: you will thus be able to determine the hold of the perfume over the course of a day. Does it stay on your skin well? Does it smell good over 10–12 hours? Does it turn and turn into old sock smell?

Step 4 : for those who live as a couple among you, do not forget to ask the advice of Madame. In addition to your nose, it is also his that will benefit from this purchase of perfume for the summer! It would be a shame if she finds your new juice “dirty”, “gross” or “horrible”.

Step 5 : write down your impressions of this masculine fragrance. I like, I don’t like. It holds well, it holds moderately, I have to put a lot of it back on, people give me compliments on it, people ask me what it is?

Step 6 : repeat the 5 previous steps for other male fragrances, for 3 or 4 weeks, juggle with different olfactory creations until you make the right choice!

The time has come to make a selection of men’s fragrances 2022!

Which perfume to choose in 2022 for a man?

I went to Sephora to see what’s new for 2022 in the men’s section.

Here is what the staff offered me. My request was simple: a nice, light, up-to-date masculine fragrance that I could wear in 2022. And which is a fragrance that will make women fall in love!

Here are the 5 proposals that the saleswoman recommended to me!

You will see that they differ slightly from the ranking that can be found online (best selling men’s perfume).

The 5 masculine perfumes that make women fall in love

The new Dior Homme Sport

The man on the move to whom this fresh and lively composition is dedicated is embodied by Robert Pattinson, face of Dior Homme fragrances since 2013.
The writing of this new Dior Homme Sport plays on the facets of a fruity-spicy freshness while keeping of the identity of this masculine fragrance its woody and sexy notes.

A must.

Dior’s new Very Cool Spray Sauvage

Easy to handle and very fresh, it is particularly suitable for athletes looking for a masculine fragrance for this summer.

It’s not a deodorant, make no mistake! It’s just a different bottle, but the juice is the same as Sauvage .

Chrome Pure, Azzaro’s new men’s fragrance

Azzaro continues the beautiful family history with Chrome Pure, represented by the beautiful image of a father and his son. (Where did Chrome’s granddaddy go, guys?)

Chrome Pure is a fragrance with an oriental textured freshness, which unites the sweetness of mandarin with the woody intensity of Akigalawood and the sensual and addictive notes of tonka bean.

The set gives the unique sensation of a sea breeze: in short, a men’s fragrance for the summer!

The new L.12.12 For Him from Lacoste

One of the most interesting in this selection of perfumes for summer 2018.

Magnetic Pour Lui is an intense and elegant eau de toilette, which I can see you wearing in the evening on the beach, or as an aperitif, in a polo shirt…

The freshness of juniper then reveals notes of violet, highlighting a modern and effortless masculinity, to finish with the intensity and sensuality of patchouli.

The new The Night of Man by Yves Saint Laurent “Electric Water”

It opens with tangy fruity notes of citrus and also green apple. Then, the perfume evolves on floral, slightly powdery notes. The score concludes with woody, balsamic notes with a fairly present cashmere wood that brings slightly toasted notes.

I’ll let you take a look at the previous version of our article on women’s favorite perfumes , you may find what you’re looking for there, perfume is timeless when you’ve found the right one!

Fragrances for men for summer 2022: the coach’s choice

My perfume choices for this summer are a little more risky than what the saleswoman suggested.

You will find two perfumes with very strong identities, at Acqua di Parma and at Atelier Cologne.

Acqua di Parma: Colonia Essenza

A unique and unprecedented fragrance that brings together all the emotions of Colonia. The finest natural ingredients give woody citrus a strong personality.

The freshness of classic Italian citrus fruits comes alive and sparkles with accents of grapefruit, mandarin orange and petit grain, before revealing a dazzling woody base note based on patchouli combined with sweet notes of white musk and the warmth of amber. .

I’ve been wearing it in the summer for three years, always with the same compliment from the women: “it smells like what my father wore when he was younger”.

Ah, the power of memories in seduction…

Atelier Cologne: a perfume brand for the summer?

From its creation, Atelier Cologne decided to return to the basics of perfume, and to work on eau de Cologne to magnify it and restore its letters of nobility.

By using pure materials, the brand quickly became cult in the world of perfumery and is now sold all over the world.

If Oud Saphir and Tobacco Nuit have my preference as winter perfume and evening perfume, I have not yet found the summer masculine perfume that would suit me best!

Orange Sanguine, Pomelo Paradis, Bergamote Soleil or Clémentine California, it’s high time I went for a walk to expand my collection of perfumes!

To discover on the Atelier Cologne website: the test to find the masculine perfume.

Men’s Favorite Fragrances for 2022

Quick reminder for those who don’t want to take too much of a risk when it comes to men’s fragrances: the list of men’s favorite fragrances.

If you just want to smell good, no matter what, no matter the price, Sephora’s bestseller list should have you covered.

The advantage with the perfumes of the Top 10 is that it will inevitably remind the girl that you are flirting with one of her exes, one of her colleagues… or her father!

  1. Dior “Wild”
  2. Hermes “Land of Hermes”
  3. Jean-Paul Gaultier “The Male”
  4. Dior “Wild Water”
  5. Abercrombie & Fitch “Fierce”
  6. Dior “Dior Homme Intense”
  7. Yves Saint Laurent “The Night of The Man” (the eau de toilette)
  8. Paco Rabanne “One Million”
  9. Hugo Boss “Boss Bottled”
  10. Yves Saint Laurent “La Nuit de L’Homme” (the eau de parfum)
  11. Yves Saint Laurent “The Man”
  12. Paco Rabanne “Invictus”

Because I felt generous, I went to the top 12 perfumes for men.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a cooler one for the summer, go to the store, you will have more choice! (And always the possibility of flirting with the saleswoman…)

is there any Perfumes for the summer that you would like to recommend ? Write it in the comment and share it with everyone here.

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