Understanding women better is possible!

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Gentlemen, understanding women better is possible! How do you really know what a woman is thinking? How to decode their moods, their facial expressions, their ways of being when they are with us? It’s quite complicated. On that, there is no secret.

Attention gentlemen, do not panic, if you have trouble understanding them here are some tips to guide you!

You are not alone. To tell the truth, it is the case for the majority of the men of the whole Earth!

Understanding women better is possible!

They want a man! A real

Women are attracted to masculinity, it’s not a myth. What most drives us is sexual tension. This primary instinct can explain why some women are attracted in an uncontrolled way by men who make them suffer. “A macho” or “A con” often exudes a masculine energy that attracts women.

Be careful, we are talking about stereotypes here. Good men are just as masculine! The key is not to be TOO nice at the risk of being placed in the famous “ friendzone ”. To please her, try to find as many points in common as possible, while keeping a little mystery and your own personality. It’s this masculine side that pleases. If you go too much in his direction, “goodbye seduction and hello the very nice best friend! »

They seek some form of protection

Women have, like all human beings, an instinct for survival, which was still ensured by men not so long ago! Today, women like to be independent and protect themselves.

Sometimes they even claim not to need a male presence. But gentlemen, this may be a parade so don’t lose your manners! Just because today’s woman walks alone doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to be accompanied.

More emotional than rational

Women most often walk on sentiment! If a situation seems to defy all logic, it is because it is often driven by emotion.

Do not hesitate to dig at this level. They like that we seek to understand what they feel. Not always easy but it’s worth working on, believe us.

Use the art of improvisation.

Improvisation is a lethal weapon. Knowing how to improvise is an important quality in your everyday life and not only to seduce a woman. Knowing how to improvise and use the context of a situation to approach or make the one you like laugh is a priority.

Be listening!

It is important to listen to women in order to understand them better. And yes gentlemen, women don’t just talk about sports and big cars, but that’s no reason not to listen to them.

Give them your full attention and look for answers by asking them questions about their current state of mind, for example. Women love to be listened to so take it upon yourself and listen to her problems so you can solve them with her.

In search of stability

The man must provide some stability (emotional, social, protective). Stability is closely linked with women’s needs. Show her that you are reliable at all levels to keep her close to you and seduce her little by little every day.

Women like to seduce

The woman has the key assets of seduction. The art of seduction has become more and more frequent. Attention gentlemen to not fall into the trap of a praying mantis!

Women like to get men addicted to them, so they don’t want to go elsewhere. Creating an obsession in their men is a source of pride!
To feel wanted, a feeling that they particularly appreciate.

A triple protection of their reputation

Keep this point in the back of your mind, it is very important! Since the dawn of time, women have protected their reputation. Today’s society creates a lot of injustice. If a woman has a good number of conquests, her reputation can be “damaged”. No girl likes to be considered “easy”. You will understand why it is sometimes difficult to conquer them… You will rarely hear a woman say to you: “I like you a lot, I want you now!” “. That won’t mean she doesn’t want to.
Women will always care about their reputation as the apple of their eye. A minimum of tact gentlemen, discretion, and a lot of intelligence will be your three most effective seduction assets!

All women are not the same!

In your life, you will get to know lots of different women: intellectual, crazy, athletic, artistic, manipulative, ambitious, all of that at the same time.

In short, all women have their own personality and vision of life that make them different from each other. So never generalize, it could be detrimental to you. The behavior of one woman does not correspond to that of all the others.

Be candid about your feelings to understand women

All women like to hear compliments on them. Small attentions will always be welcome with women. Remind her of the things that make you fall in love with her!

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