Top Onlyfans Creators in 2022 — Influencers and Celebrities Ranked!

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Are you looking for the best Onlyfans models to follow and sub? While a lot of users choose to just follow celebrities there is plenty of value to be found on the platform. Influencers, models, reality tv stars, and ex-pornstars are all fighting for a slice of Onlyfan’s staggering 130 million registered users. This has resulted in a lot of competitive prices and in some instances free accounts!

The ability to connect with and message your favorite performers is a unique selling point that Onlyfans does better than anything else. While there are a few notable new

Taking a list of the most searched Onlyfans accounts and recommendations from Reddit we put together this list of the best Onlyfans profiles worth checking out in 2022.

1. Lana Rhoades — Hottest Onlyfans Account

Looking for the best Onlyfans? Lana Rhoades is always going to top any list for adult content. She won back-to-back “Most Popular Female Performer” in the 2019 and 2020 Pornhub awards and is the most searched pornstar of 2021 with 345 million views. Starting out as a stripper in Chicago she had an adult film career that lasted just one year from 2016- 2017. During that time she made several best-selling films and won a string of awards including “Hottest Newcomer” and “Best Body” at the AVN awards. She has since retired from the adult industry and now works as a creative collaborator for Brazzers while continuing to model on Instagram to her 16.5 million followers.

Why is Lana Rhoades Onlyfans worth following? Other than being one of the most attractive women in the world and known for her trademark booty you can subscribe to her profile for the low fee of $5.99. You don’t become the top-ranked adult film actress without great content and on-camera presence. Unlike other celebrities, she also interacts with her fans regularly replying to direct messages and making custom content. There is also a great deal of material already available on her profile when you first subscribe with 195 pictures and over 65 videos. She also recently launched her co-owned adult lingerie label Lana X Yandy which with constant product drops she models herself. Naughty lingerie will likely regularly feature heavily on her Onlyfans in the months to come. Expect a lot of high-quality content from this fan favorite.

2. Belle Delphine — Most Popular Onlyfans Model

Belle Delphine took the internet by storm with a string of viral clips and is infamous for selling her own bathwater. This intrapreneurial mindset translated perfectly to Onlyfans and Belle has grown a huge following and continues to keep her fans coming back for more. Due to the huge amount of PR she received from news outlets and her edgy humor and offensive jokes her Onlyfans has been a huge hit. The gamer girl now makes an estimated 1.2 million a month from Onlyfans and it’s for good reason. She only just started releasing fully explicit photos and videos and the youtube video making the announcement has 15 million views alone. She also has a tour of her room where she claims to have the world’s largest sex toy collection. After going MIA from the internet for the better part of two years, Belle has returned with more momentum. Her “IM BACK” video literally racked up 43 million views. Despite a rather hefty price tag if gaming, meme culture, and cosplay are your thing then Belle could be worth a sub.

  • Onlyfans Username: belledelphine
  • View Her Twitter
  • Subscription Cost: $35 per month
  • Posted Content: 621 pictures and 50 videos
  • Popularity: 10/10
  • Value: 6/10

3. Ninacola — Hottest Asian Girl on Onlyfans

Ninacola has become the hottest asian girl on Onlyfans in only a couple of months and here is why. Her contents is just next level in term of quality and beauty. She is a natural beauty of Asia, and she gives the best of herself for every fans. You will definitely fall in love with her.

The beautiful Ninacola regularly goes online on the platform, and she is so dedicated to her fans, do customs video, roleplay, and group sex videos. At such a low subscription price, Ninacola represents exceptional value for money and you won’t be disappointed to try.

  • Onlyfans Username: ninacola3
  • Vist Her Instagram
  • Visit Her Twitter
  • Subscription Cost: $3.99 per month
  • Posted Content: 514 Post and 100+ videos
  • Popularity: 8/10
  • Value: 10/10

4. Riley Kwum — Best Curvy Model

While not a well knows name outside of Onlyfans and Reddit Riley Kwum was one of the originals that bought the heat that contributed to the platform’s success. She boasts a 475k follower Instagram and 312k Onlyfan likes. Riley is best known for her hourglass figure and tattoos. She has a huge amount of content, specifically photos which is a testament to how much work she puts in. Like many of the top creators, she also offers a super cheap introductory deal of $3 for the first 30 days. This gives buyers the opportunity to check out some of the best content on the platform without breaking the bank. Riley is a bombshell and well worth a sub if you are new to Onlyfans.

  • Onlyfans Username: rileykwums
  • Vist Her Instagram
  • Subscription Cost: $3 per month (regular price $30)
  • Posted Content: 621 pictures and 50 videos
  • Popularity: 6/10
  • Value: 8/10

5. Bella Thorne — Best New Celebrity

Bella Thorne is an American actress and model. On Onlyfans she absolutely dominates with over 1.28 million likes. In terms of celebrity profiles, her photos are some of the raciest on the platform with tons of content to choose from. One thing that makes her great value is she is very fond of various fetish communities, regularly posting feet or BDSM. While her profile started slow and took a lot of criticism for Instagram reposts the latest content has been a lot more fan-focused. In January 2022 Bella changed her subscription fee from free to $4.99 per month. This would indicate she plans on taking Onlyfans a lot more seriously and has plenty of content planned for the future. Bella also has directed an award-winning adult “Her & Him”. She’s well connected within the community and seems very open to future collaborations on her own profile.

6. Bhad Bhabie — Fastest Growing Onlyfans

Bhad Bhabie aka the cash me ousside girl has really changed her image since finding fame through Dr. Phil. You can credit that to Instagram and her work as a rapper/model/pop star. Her posts range from standard selfies to full-on nude pics and even some hot videos on Onlyfans. She’s definitely made a name for herself now with over 16 million Instagram followers so she might be one of those girls who decide to leave OF behind eventually. However, everyone will have to wait and see what happens as Bhad Bhabie’s popularity continues to rise.

Visit Her Instagram Page
Subscription Cost: $23.99
Posted Content: 120
Popularity: 9/10
Value: 5/10

7. Blac Chyna — Best Value Celebrity

Blac Chyna is a model and reality television personality. She first rose to fame after appearing in the reality television series, Rob & Chyna. Since then, she has appeared in several other reality television series and has also launched her own line of cosmetics. Blac Chyna is also known for her turbulent relationship with rapper, Tyga, and for her high-profile relationship with Rob Kardashian.

Blac Chyna is one of the most popular celebrities on Onlyfans, and she is also one of the most affordable. Her subscription cost is $19.99 per month, and she posts a lot of content. Most of her content is PG-13, but she does occasionally post revealing pictures and videos.

8. Maria Moobs — Best Live Streams

Maria Moobs is one of those only female creators who do things a little differently. By that, we mean that she is the type of content creator who is able to provide her fans with more than the usual OnlyFans fare of photos, videos, and post updates.

The super cute Maria regularly goes live on the platform, streaming to all of her dedicated fans. These unique live shows are designed to entertain and more than anyone else on this list she takes the time to communicate with as many of her followers as she can. At such a low subscription price, Maria Moobs represents exceptional value for money.

9. Haley Brooks — Luxury Shoots

Hayley Brooks is a model and Instagram personality. She is best known for her high-quality adult content with a focus on luxury shoots. Think cocktails by the pool, walk-in wardrobes, and diamonds. Haley makes this list for being super consistent with the content she produces. Even though her clips tend to be on the shorter side she releases new ones daily. Her fans love her for her petite figure and personality-filled selfies. While Haley’s Onlyfans is free it does contain a lot of content that is pay-to-view. Even though you can see a fair amount for free the reason she’s not higher on this list is that her standard OF account is not too different from an Instagram. There are good pictures and videos but you’ll need to spend a bit of money regularly to unlock them.

  • Onlyfans Username: haleybrooks18
  • Visit Her Instagram Page
  • Subscription Cost: Free
  • Posted Content: 833
  • Popularity: 6/10
  • Value: 4/10

10. Sam Slayre — Girl Next Door

Sam Slayre is a model and adult actress with a huge 614k Instagram followers. She is known for her girl next door face and fantastic figure. Sam doesn’t do as much full-frontal nudity as others on the list she makes up for it with what she does offer. A lot of her content revolves around new, “sexy” outfits which seem like they could be pulled straight out of a Victoria’s Secret catalog. Sam’s OF account is not too expensive and she offers a lot from behind-the-scenes type content and regular selfie posts. Her only downside is that she does tend to post a little more frequently on her IG instead of Onlyfans which can make it seem like there isn’t much content available. That being said she’s no doubt one of the hottest girls on Onlyfans and Sam has a huge following on all platforms for a reason.

Only fans Username: samslayres

11. Cardi B — Most Popular Celebrity

Cardi B is a rapper and social media personality who first became popular as a cast member on the reality television series Love & Hip Hop: New York. She has since gone on to become one of the most successful female rappers of all time, with several chart-topping singles to her name. Cardi B is also known for her outspoken nature and unfiltered comments, which have landed her in hot water on more than one occasion. Cardi B was also a stripper prior to her music career taking off.

While her Onlyfans is strictly PG-13 she does reveal a lot of her personal life and behind-the-scenes footage. There are a few revealing pictures and videos posted but honestly nothing crazier than most of her mainstream music videos. While not for everyone it may be worth a sub if nudity isn’t what you are after.


OnlyFans has quickly become a go-to platform for celebrities and influencers looking to make extra money. The site offers a unique opportunity for content creators to share exclusive content with their fans and earn revenue from subscriptions. Our ranking of the top Onlyfans creators is based on several factors, including the number of followers each account has the quality and variety of content shared, and how interactive the creator is with her fans. If you’re interested in learning more about OnlyFans or want to start growing your own following, be sure to check out our other article about how to grow on OnlyFans.

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