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3 min readMay 15, 2022

As they say, clothes don’t make the man, but we like to think accessories do! Men’s fashion has always been popular, but the attention to the finer details is often overlooked by most men. That’s why, today, we outline below the top 3 men’s accessories that everyone should own and wear.

Accessories for men: Trendy jewelry

What if we told you that your fashion accessories are just as important as your phone, wallet and car keys? Adding extra details helps elevate your outfit and can boost your confidence.

Here is a selection of three fashionable jewels and how to wear them.

signet ring

The signet ring is one of the oldest rings, often used as a signature, nowadays it is the fashionable jewelry. But most of the time, men limit their wearing of rings to wedding bands. Fortunately, things changed and they began to realize the potential of signet rings as fashion accessories.

Traditionally, the signet ring is made of gold, but nowadays this jewel is available in several metals. In gold, steel, with or without diamonds and several shapes such as square, round or oval.

But how to wear them? How many rings you use depends entirely on your style. Some people prefer to charge their hands while others prefer a simple signet ring with a simple design.

If you are going to wear a signet ring or a ring, we suggest that you use one on each hand, i.e. the signet ring on the right hand for example and on the other hand, your wedding band or other ring. Try to match the colors to the rest of your look.

Advice from the Workshop: A square or hexagonal gold men’s signet ring is ideal for a more raw accessory that better matches the image and style of men.

At the time, the signet ring was worn on the little finger, so that the jewel could effectively perform its function of sealing a document. However, there are no strict rules on this, it’s up to you.


Chains for men are not always appreciated at their fair value. Men’s gold chains are often referred to as rappers, but there are many styles and designs.

For many reasons, they are a safe bet. Easy to wear and easily concealed, the gold chain is very versatile. You will discover over time that this jewel is an everyday accessory that can enhance your entire outfit.

Tip: You can choose to layer different chains for more movement and texture by combining them in different lengths and widths.


The watch is the most common and wearable accessory, however, whether for men or women, there are a few rules to apply.

First, the watch is worn on the left wrist and should not move an inch up or down. You can of course wear a watch with the bracelet of your choice, whether steel or leather, do it according to your tastes and your style.

tip: A stainless steel or silver watch goes with just about anything, it’s the perfect choice for a strict or casual outfit.

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