Top 10 sexiest girls on instagram

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4 min readMar 11, 2022

Summer is approaching, we decided to raise the temperature by concocting a top 10 of the sexiest girls on Instagram!

If you already follow Clara Morgane or Emily Ratajkowski (for the most advanced among you), but you don’t have the shadow of an idea to find new sexy accounts to feed your feed and occupy your insomnia, this TOP is for you!

10/ Gizele Oliveira

A 25-year-old top international, Gizele is Brazilian. She became known with her blog, today she is followed by more than 680 K people on Instagram.

Her feed: girly chic, lots of beach and swimsuits!

Her stories: on the humor and natural program

9/ Isabelle Mathers

The little pioupiou of our ranking! Isabelle is 19 years old, Australian, fiery temper and more than 560 K followers.

Her feed: swimsuit, swimsuit and swimsuit! If you don’t like the beach, go your way.

Her stories: mainly photo shoots.

8/ Sara Sampaio

The most natural girl in our ranking, she was voted “ Rookie of the Year “ by Sports Illustrated magazine in 2014. Muse of Calzedonia and Angel of the lingerie brand Victoria Secret’s, the 26-year-old model is already in the court big ones with 6.5 M followers!

Her feed: rather professional, you will find there the covers she does, her photo shoots, and some moments of life.

Her stories: her outings and the performances she does.

7/ Yovanna Ventura

Yovanna started by sharing her sports routine, developing a dream plastic figure at the same time as a competition insta with 5.2 M subscribers! At 22, the beauty is a lingerie model and muse for bikini brands and is also Justin Bieber’s ex.

Her feed: narcissus is back (and she’s right) with and without filters.

Her stories: her life as a fitness girl, her lifestyle, her passion for dogs.

6/ Delilah Belle

Some already call her the new Gigi (Hadid), with her airs of Lili Rose Depp and Miley Cyrus, Delilah has captivated more than 635 K people on her Instagram account.

Her feed: a wild, rambling and spontaneous style, streetwear and glamorous outfits.

Her stories: Delilah’s adventures, her parties, her giggles.

5/ Beautiful Lucia

Belle is 23 years old, Australian model with fiery eyes and a dream body, they are already 1.2 M to follow her!

Her feed: always very professional photos in idyllic landscapes, live the dream.

Her stories: the backstages of her shootings, her travels.

4/Alexis Ren

A young surfer, she was noticed at the age of 13 by a modeling agency and quickly became the face of Calvin Klein. Now 21, the starlet has caused a buzz on the web with her bare outfits, which have earned her no less than 12.4 million subscribers!

Her feed: sexy outfits, or even no outfits at all, languorous looks, what else?

Her stories: her mood of the day

3/ Tina Kunakey

21-year-old French model, if you don’t already know her for her looks, you may know her for her loves! Indeed, the young diva is none other than the new companion of … Vincent Cassel.

Her feed: raw, like her. She posts her desires, her giggles, her moments of life.

Her stories: like her feed

2/ Gigi Hadid

How not to include Gigi in this ranking! A model from an early age for Guess, at 23, she is now one of the most fashionable models in the world and has (incidentally) 40.7 million followers on Instagram. The face of Tommy Hilfiger, the American top of Dutch-Palestinian origin is also the girlfriend (ex intermittent) of the singer Zayn.

Her feed: a magazine cover, photo shoot and inspiration of the day

Her stories: her work, her shows

1/ Mathilde Tantot

And the number one is none other than Mathilde Tantot from Bordeaux! Ultra sexy, the bomb has shapes and is surfing the wave successfully since she already has more than 1.2 million subscribers! Instagrammer but also a working girl, Mathilde launched her swimwear brand.

Her feed: sexy, sexy, sexy bikinis!

Her stories: only good vibes!



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