Top 10 best crypto projects for the metaverse in 2022

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As 2021 draws to a close, 2022 is about to be a big year for Metaverse cryptos. There are already dozens of Metaverse tokens on the market, and it can be difficult to determine which are the most attractive. After an initial guess, it is now possible to list the top ten Metaverse crypto coins to watch in 2022 that will have excellent potential for significant price increases next year.

Let’s get started !

The Verasity Crypto Project

Verasity is a cryptocurrency attributed to the metaverse which is intended for e-sport among other digital activities and in particular videos. Verasity is a crypto project passing through the Ethereum blockchain, used in particular for various promotions.

No question of Proof of Work with Verasity, but of Proof of View in order to authenticate and above all, to streamline the information passing through its network.

If it is important to look into a project such as Verasity, it is because it will be easy for you to earn tokens on the metaverse, simply by showing attention thanks to the Proof of View protocol.

Alien Worlds

Among all the NFT Play to earn games available, Alien Worlds is certainly one of the least visible to date, but this is only due to the fact that it is already preparing to invest the metaverse to occupy a prominent place there.

Very immersive and lending itself to a virtual world, Alien Worlds literally allows you to exploit its tokens. Mining has never been so literal as with such an NFT game. It is then up to you to acquire better tools to make your operation more profitable and enrich yourself accordingly.

But, far from sticking to exploitation, you can live like a prospector of ancient times, acquiring land which, then, will require an exploitation right so that someone other than you can mine there. The gold rush will be replayed in the metaverse thanks to Alien Worlds.

WAX, a promising crypto project

WAX is one of the crypto projects of great importance. Although it means “Wax” in English, its meaning is actually quite different. WAX is an abbreviation of Worldwide Asset eXchange. Its main attribute is that it is, according to its developers, the most ecological cryptocurrency that can exist. A very promising issue for the future in the sense that ecology is at the center of the concerns of crypto users. Indeed, the WAX ​​blockchain — used by other cryptocurrencies — is not based on energy consumption but on the performance of the computer and its RAM only.

With WAX, you will be able to buy video games among other NFTs in the digital environment of the metaverse. This cryptocurrency was in fact first considered for NFT transactions, making it a paradise for collectors and lovers of classic games such as those produced by Atari or Capcom.


Used as an innovative cryptocurrency, Chromia will be a very appropriate investment for the year 2022. This, in fact, is intended to allow its investors to produce and develop decentralized applications both accessible on the metaverse and in the world. real. According to experts and other coders, it can be used to code an application ten times faster than with any other medium. What to make the difference.

Thus, Chromia will have been used to multiply other crypto projects, in particular Play to Earn which, too, will be intended for the Metaverse. Alien Worlds is certainly not one of them, but other equally attractive and popular projects are included, including the very famous Mines of Dalarnia.


First, following its relatively recent creation in 2019, Solana had simply gone unnoticed. Some saw it as a shitcoin when others didn’t bother to take an interest in its overly daring and nebulous crypto project. And yet, this one, during the year 2020, began to experience such enthusiasm from its investors that its growth now seems endless.

A growth which we guess, in view of the investment of its community, that it could well continue more in 2022, making an investment opportunity very much attributed to the metaverse.


Among the ambitious crypto projects that dot the web and are just waiting to invest in the virtual world, IoTeX promises to be particularly attractive. Indeed, it relies its technology on the Internet of Things; a process that will then flourish in the metaverse.

The project is also intended to equal or even surpass Ethereum only by promoting its technical services. The NFT will then be de rigueur among its attributions while Play to Earn games have already multiplied thanks to its structure.

What’s more, IoTeX has the advantage of being very easily accessible in the sense that it can be attributed to both Android and iOS platforms in order to leave no one behind.

wilder world

Rather than investing in what is presented as THE metaverse, Wilder World is already considering HIS metaverse, this one claiming to be in immersive 5D. Developed from Unreal Engine 5 and passing through the Ethereum blockchain, it will be possible to get involved in a very elaborate virtual world, competing with that of Meta.

This project is far from being a mere abstraction as Wilder World is considered the very first NFT marketplace where transactions can be considered effectively liquid and decentralized. A market over which his community can exercise real control.


While the metaverse is being emulated, similar and competitive projects are already multiplying in the crypto sphere. This is also the case with Decentraland, which has already considered the structure of its universe by developing landscapes, universes and buildings.

To date, Decentraland, although open to the public, is still in the development phase. A development that foreshadows the best as the beginning is so promising. Enough to encourage any wise cryptonaut to invest in such a project when the year 2022 is barely beginning.

The Sandbox

Very similar to Decentraland, Sandbox — referring to the games of the same name where players can create anything from a given universe — offers much more than a universe. There is even a quest system which, then, will allow you to obtain tokens.

Many have compared it to Minecraft. This one, indeed, is a crypto game based on the metaverse particularly open to multiple attributions. Allocations that are emulated and will not fail to explode its courses. Invest early in The Sandbox for the year 2022, the crypto project is well worth it.


Apart from video games, these already permeating the principle of the metaverse, CEEK VR, always involved around the same metaverse, investing in the streaming and distribution of music. As its name suggests, CEEK VR is based on virtual reality and is intended to be accessible via a headset.

Many American artists have chosen to distribute their music or their film to CEEK VR, each of whom then invests in what could be the crypto project of the metaverse most involved in streaming and music.



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