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Gentlemen, today we are going to take a tour of South East Asia and as usual you will not be cold. This young woman was born on May 29, 1995 in Asia. We had the chance to talk with her to ask her a few questions, as usual you will learn more about her life, her career, her future and her hobbies!

Ninacola is on Onlyfans: Ninacola

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What’s your background ?

My origins are from South East Asia

What’s your story?

I studied Russian and then worked for 1 years as a flight attendant but lost my job due to COVID and now I’m on Onlyfans for fun.

What do you do for a living ?

I am a model and creator. I make photos and videos for my audience

Your sentimental situation?

I am in relationship ! but always open to explore more..

What are your hobbies ?

My passions are traveling, shootings, movies and sports. I also like fitness, traveling, shooting and my friends.

Your plans for the future?

I hope the lockdown will be over soon so I can travel around the world.

A little message for our readers?

There is always an opportunity for self-realization. Staying healthy is the most important thing!

Today, this young woman uses Instagram to share her daily life with you for the pleasure of the eyes. We thank this model for playing the Q&A game

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Onlyfans: Ninacola

Her Instagram

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