The 5 seduction lessons of the most swiped man on Tinder

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Are you constantly swiping on Tinder, but having trouble matching? Want to meet online but don’t know how to build your profile?

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, an English model and pilot who successfully hacked Tinder: he is the most swiped man on Tinder, with 15,000 matches.

He won the title of Mr. Tinder in 2017 thanks to his incredible number of matches.

So of course, he is a model and a pilot, he leaves with an advantage… But by diving into his profile, we discover lots of tricks that you can put in place to build an attractive profile and meet people online.

He even shared his tips.

Discover the 5 tips from Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, the most swiped man on Tinder , to increase your chances of matching on online applications!

1. Your photos make your image

On dating sites, the proportion of men is much higher than that of women.

According to a BVA survey, 45% of men have already paid to register on a dating site, compared to 18% of women.

The first impression is crucial to attract the attention of women. What catches the eye are your photos.

On Tinder, swipes go very fast. Women make their decision in less than a second , thanks to the first photo that appears. This is therefore the most important part of your profile.

How to make good Tinder photos according to Stefan-Pierre Tomlin?

Get inspired by the tips of the most effective man on Tinder.

  • Take a photo against a light, punchy background. Take a photo in front of a clear blue sky, in front of a strong yellow . Women are used to seeing the same dull photos taken on the fly. A clear, good quality photo will get you noticed. Try to have at least two strong colors in your photos , like blue and yellow for example.
  • Take a Tinder photo that stands out. The picture in front of his bathroom mirror worked when you were 12. Be original by taking a photo when you go out to your favorite bar, or during your favorite hike.
  • Don’t strike a cliched pose. Models learn to strike effective poses. It’s up to you to find the right balance between looking natural and taking a posed photo . If you are too stiff, you will show that you take Tinder too seriously!

By applying these tips, you will attract the attention of women and you will be able to move on to the second step: the description .

2. Your character… in 200 characters!

Now that your photo catches the eye of women, you need to hold their attention by making them want to chat.

If your Tinder bio isn’t up to snuff, you won’t convert the essay.

Women are always looking for a fun, temperamental partner. Don’t just describe who you are and what you do.

To be successful in your description, Tomlin advises to be concise, funny and catchy. Concretely: you must do a valve or two, related to your character or your life.

This is what will make them want to dig in and learn more about you.

Try to avoid the “we will say that we met at the museum” which is seen and reviewed. Evoke your universe, your passions with humor.

For example, if you are a cook, talk about your culinary skills: “ weak point: I snack after the meal. Strong point: I nibble my own pastries. »

Read, watch series, listen to rap. You will have a better sense of the punchline.

Ask yourself what drives you to read an article, what makes you laugh in a show. When you find what catches your eye, you’ll know how to adapt it to write a good Tinder bio.

3. Don’t put all your eggs in the same app

Uber drivers are launching other applications like Heetch or FreeNow (ex-Kapten). This allows them to find more customers or choose the closest ones.

Stephan-Pierre Tomlin advises having the same strategy.

He is the most swiped man on Tinder, but he said he signed up for other online dating apps .

Have several options even though Tinder is the number 1 app for meeting women. Keep your options open , whether on other apps or in reality.

Tinder is just a projection of yourself on an app. To have beautiful photos, you must have a lifestyle that inspires.

Additionally, Tomlin noticed that Tinder uses Facebook and Instagram to get information about you.

The matches are offered to you in priority with the people who like the same pages.

Use this principle to your advantage: go and like pages on topics that you are passionate about, you will have a better chance of meeting someone who shares this passion.

Don’t hesitate to like several pages that talk about your passion. The more you like, the more your chances increase.

I also recommend that you be visible, or at least exist on social networks.

Create profiles on the biggest social networks because girls always do research before a first date. If they find you, they will be reassured , much more than if they fall on the mystery man.

4. The most swiped man on Tinder knows exactly when to log on.

Stephan-Pierre Tomlin could have waited for women to swipe to match thanks to his job as a model.

But that’s not how he managed to match the most. He learned about the uses of the Tinder application, he implemented a strategy to find the best time to swipe.

He advises to connect on Sunday afternoon because 80% of users connect there .

“Sunday at two o’clock in the afternoon is the peak of Tinder usage . At that time, everyone is hungover or lazy to move, everyone is at home looking at their phone”.

Sunday is the day you plan your week and choose your cinema outings, your dates.

Now is the perfect time to be online and engage in conversation with women . In marketing, it corresponds to the advertisement for McDonald’s that we put on Youtube at 11:45 am, when you start to feel hungry.

Tomlin also advises logging in at 10:30 p.m. on weeknights. This is the time when women look at their phones before going to sleep and they take the opportunity to take a look at Tinder.

Test at different times and see which time works best.

5. Create a brand: take advantage of its notoriety

When he received his title, Tomlin thought it would be a fleeting joke, like other internet phenoms.

But he managed to capitalize on it and turn it into a strength.

He used his title to go on TV shows about dating.

He had a custom suitcase made with the title “Mr. Tinder”. He even launched into a single, swipe right (surely wasn’t his best idea).

Three years after his title, he continues to reap the benefits, and does not miss an opportunity to seek the media spotlight.

You must do the same. Use your titles to get noticed on Tinder and grab attention.

Did you do a concert in your municipal hall? Did you win the departmental judo tournament? All the titles you have acquired can help you match.

I admit it without shame: I was blithely bragging about my Guinness Record for the most speed dating in the air to make the girls laugh!

If Tomlin obtained these results, it is not only for his physique.

It’s also thanks to the way he puts himself forward as THE guy worth watching on Tinder. Without being a star, you have to play on this dimension.

Conclusion: what matters is the image you send back.

Do you think that with his 15,000 matches, Stephan-Pierre Tomlin spent his time sleeping with girls ? Think again. He’s only had 15 real dates thanks to Tinder.

The rest of the time he was in a long relationship. Why did he continue to match on Tinder? No one knows 😉

When he saw his success on the application, he took the opportunity to gain notoriety. He played on the image of a model who seeks short relationships because it attracts attention. Tinder is based on this principle: the image you send back.

Often the men I meet in coaching are not ugly or boring. Your problem is rather that you are unable to show who you are, to show your personality.

I told you in 2022 and I’ll say it again: statistics show that the majority of dating now takes place online.



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