The 3 tips to thicken your beard naturally!

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3 min readMar 13, 2022

Are you tired of seeing holes in your beard and looking for solutions to thicken your beard ? Do not panic with these 3 tips to thicken your beard naturally , you have the hipster beard! Between food and care , everything will be done in a natural way.

Thicken your beard naturally with vegetable oils

Essential oils… You know those little magic bottles, natural and full of benefits , well they have struck again! Moreover, it is the daily or frequent use of these miracle vegetable oils that will allow you better hair growth but above all to have a full beard .

So you must know castor oil which is a vegetable oil made from castor seeds . This oil is rich in vitamin E. It is known for its multiple actions but especially for the fortification of the hair and hairs as well as a rapid regrowth ! Know that in addition to growing your beard at high speed and stronger than ever, your face will at the same time benefit from its assets: reduction of acne (if there is acne), reduction of wrinkles and disinfection of wounds !

There are many other vegetable oils that will allow you to thicken your beard! Moreover, mustard oil is also ideal for thickening the beard . Indeed, this extremely nourishing oil is rich in zinc, beta-carotene and vitamin A and E , which allows it to promote hair growth while strengthening it and above all to prevent hair loss .

Increase the duration of your workouts

Rather surprising advice but when I tells you that sport is really the beginning of a multitude of things here is further proof. Indeed, sports practice will increase your testosterone levels during exercise and therefore, as a direct consequence, will make your beard grow faster .

For this it is recommended to do a minimum of 15 minutes of sport per day (especially fitness and bodybuilding ) ! It’s not much, but it’s enough to speed up the process of beard growth .

Adapt your food intake to thicken your beard naturally

Food also affects your testosterone levels! These are the healthiest foods that will release the most testosterone and therefore increase beard growth . It is therefore important to eat more carbohydrates (potatoes, fruits, cereals) which affect healthy hair growth. Also increase the amount of meat and legumes in your diet because these foods contain a lot of protein .

Things to reduce in your diet include sugar, alcohol, and soy . These foods will totally reduce your testosterone levels and therefore weaken and limit the growth of a healthy beard . However, you can also totally accompany your meals with specialized food supplements for beard growth. These supplements will help it thicken and grow healthily and quickly .

Free tips: forget the legend that shaving your beard more often makes it thicker doesn’t work! It has not been scientifically proven either!



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