How to Seduce a Divorced Woman: 5 Fatal Mistakes

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The woman you like is divorced , and you are wondering how to seduce her.

Should you hit on her like any other girl, or does she deserve special treatment?

Compared to other women, she tends to be less fooled. The divorced woman knows the commitment : on her wedding day, she swore that she would love her spouse in happiness and hardship, in health and in illness.

But the divorce broke his vows and today you are interested in this divorced woman.

Concretely, what are the different types of divorced women? Where to meet them? What are the mistakes to avoid in order to flirt with them effectively?

If you want to know everything, this article is for you!

Part I: The different types of divorced women

In order to clarify things, we are going to divide divorced women into 3 large families.

Of course, these are generalisations: reality is always more complex and nuanced, it’s up to you to adapt.

A] The divorcee who saw it well.

It was she who asked for the divorce since her married life no longer suited her.

Today, she has regained her freedom and she is living again .

Whether she is finally sexually unbridled or can manage her schedule as she sees fit, she is experiencing her divorce as a rebirth.

To seduce this type of woman, you will need to take it easy so that she does not feel suffocated by this beginning of a relationship.

B] The divorcee who saw it badly.

This woman has suffered her divorce head-on and she sees it as torture, abandonment, real failure.

Whatever the cause (deception, ex-husband left with a younger daughter …), she is experiencing a real trauma and is not far from falling into depression .

She was fooled by illusions by her ex-husband and in addition, her divorce is costing her the eyes of the head or brings her back to a standard of living of her college years …

Do you have the shoulders and the head strong enough to assume a relationship with a woman weakened by this breakup?

C] The divorcee who survives.

This woman is in the middle. She knows that divorce was the best solution but she finds it difficult to mourn her marriage.

Seeing her ex-husband regularly for custody of her children makes her rehash all the good times of the past.

Apparently all is well but in the end, it is no less bruised.

Are you ready to assume a relationship with a woman who has not yet mourned her marriage, and who would like to patch things up with her ex?

Part II: How to Seduce a Divorced Woman

A] What are they looking for, the divorced?

Every divorced woman has her own desires. Nevertheless, some of their expectations are recurring.

Here are the 5 most common expectations of women returning to the celibacy market:

1) regain self-confidence

Her ex-husband no longer paid her attention as her ring finger repelled all her potential suitors. She wonders if the opposite sex still pleases her.

She will seek to reassure herself by proving to herself that she can still please men and know if they still see her as a potential partner.

2) enjoy life

She will seek to have fun: travel on a whim, live out her fantasies without being judged by a jealous husband who does not understand her desires, take time for her …

She will bring out the famous: “with me, no fuss”.

3) A bonding relationship.

She may seek a buffer relationship to mourn her marriage.

You are her living sex toy or the guy who accompanies her to the restaurant, but you represent nothing more: you are only consolation.

Prepare for this if you’re the first man she meets right after her divorce.

It’s like an airlock for her, between two serious relationships.

4) Rebuild.

She wants to turn the page.

After suffering from a protracted procedure, she wants to move on and meet some new people.

She is not against the idea of ​​finding someone, but she will want guarantees on the person before committing again.

5) She is looking for a practical man.

Because two salaries are better than one (division of the bills by two), because her celibacy is frowned upon by her colleagues and her family who judge her, because she does not want to feel alone …

She will fall back on a practical man . It won’t necessarily be a type that will make her vibrate, but rather a presence by her side.

B] Where to meet and seduce a divorced woman?

Divorced women are everywhere:

1) In public places: in the street, at the supermarket, at the neighborhood contemporary art museum… (Remember to check the women’s ring finger before approaching them = saving time and energy.)

2) In the evening: in bars (knowing how to approach a woman in a group will be useful!, In the evenings with friends …

3) At work: personal information often spreads like wildfire.

Not all divorced women go out to bars on Saturday nights.

For many of them, the ease remains with dating sites.

Her friends don’t necessarily have time for going out because of their kids, their work, their jealous husbands …

Part III: Mistakes To Avoid When Seducing A Woman After Her Divorce

What you want :

A sugar mummy who can support you, a sexually liberated milf (Stifler’s mom in American Pie ), a cougar who enjoys life to the fullest, an experienced woman who knows commitment and who will make the right decisions about your life. couple…

The divorced woman can appear to be a good match from all points of view.

What you find:

In most cases, this idyllic vision will be a far cry from reality. Because your ideal milf has to face major concerns:

- Problems relating to her new life: money (she only has her salary to meet her needs), adapting for the care of her children, organising her new schedule …

- Her personal problems: loss of self-confidence, her reputation which is at stake, her ex-husband who harasses her, the violence she can suffer in certain cases …

If you are ready to do anything to win over a divorced woman, you will need to avoid some fatal mistakes. Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Mistake # 1: Not trying to figure it out.

Has she experienced humiliation, infidelity or worse, has she lost custody of her children? What is she looking for now?

To effectively flirt with a divorced woman, you must seek to understand her.

Ask her questions about her expectations and try to find out the causes of her divorce if she is comfortable with the subject. speak again later.)

Her husband no longer paid her any attention? Take an interest in her and show her interest!

If you know the causes of her divorce and understand her current needs, you will know how to seduce her.

You will then only have to give her time and not to force things.

Flirting with a Divorced Woman — Mistake # 2: Showing Yourself to be Immature.

You have to highlight your experiences, especially if you are younger than her.

In case you haven’t accomplished much yet, tell her about your plans.

Show that you know how to take a step back from events and that you are capable of making the right decisions.

You know where you are going in life, you have plans and ambitions.

Mistake # 3: Not being upfront with it.

If her ex-husband cheated on her, she will be more reassured in the face of a frank man who keeps his commitments.

Do what you say, say what you do: consistency and transparency reassure injured women.

If she asks you what you think of her, take responsibility for your wishes and let her know that you like her.

She has no more time to waste and I hope you neither!

Seducing a Divorced Woman — Mistake # 4: Trying to Fix it.

No, you are not her shrink.

You are going straight into the wall if you make it your mission to “save this misunderstood woman”.

Sure, you can help her feel better , but you need to focus on the essentials by asking yourself: do I really like this girl?

Get to know her by having a good time with her.

Don’t fall for the devoted superhero trap who acts as a nanny for her kids when you barely know her.

Mistake # 5: Not showing tolerance.

Surely the most important point: that of tolerance.

Be tolerant of his insecurities and past failures.

Don’t judge her: she doesn’t need your harsh opinions on the choices she might have made.

Focus on the present moment and enjoy it. Her past is behind her, no one will be able to change it anymore.

In short: to seduce a divorced woman, be present while giving her time to come to you.

Patience and understanding are the key words to seduce a woman who is afraid of suffering .

And you, what is your ultimate technique for seducing a divorced woman?

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