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Who among you has never dreamed of knowing what women really think of your style of dress? It’s hard to know what’s going on behind the beautiful smile they present to you. So, reactions , advice or real “ buzz kill “ We took the plunge for you, and we didn’t hesitate for a second to conduct the survey among very pretty ladies (whom we thank for their honesty, however crude it may be!). She gives us their opinion, from clothing to hygiene, man up!

The woman — The panel

It was around a Sunday brunch that our panel , made up of some of our best friends , met to carry out this little study of masculine style. We tell you a little more about these 5 profiles of completely different women except that there are a lot of “A”s in their first names!

Eliane , 26, is a freelance textile designer stylist.

Emma, ​​25, has been working as a product designer for nearly a year.

Anna , 27, who is in the field of international music communication.

Sarah , 26 years old, community manager in a start-up,… And our latest member of the club of five,

Léa , 30 years old, employed in the hotel industry as head waiter. A few mimosas here and there and we’re all set.. Sunday Funday, right!?

Q&A — The Woman

Why is it important for a man to dress well?

Eliane — It’s important in the sense that anyone who decides to pay attention to their appearance gives off an image, a little something extra. I wouldn’t say he should make an effort every time, but when the circumstances are right it’s appreciable.

Sarah -In my opinion, a man who pays attention to his appearance immediately indicates whether he has confidence in himself or not . The more it is cared for, the more it tells us if it has taste or not . It is a first approach that allows us, the female sex, to target and discover the universe of the man that we have in front of us.

Anna — Exactly, it’s like an opportunity for him to demonstrate his universe , which is all the more charming.

How to dress to please a girl?

Léa — A trendy man , quite simply. Clothes with adjusted cuts in relation to his morphology … nothing is more prohibitive than a man not knowing how to choose clothes in his size.

Eliane — Not overdressed, and above all, don’t overdo it . While keeping in mind the details that show that he pays attention to his appearance, ideally, a casual style . There has to be consistency between his style and his personality. … so stay true to yourself and forget about the 3-piece suit.

Sarah — I would say that he must give an impression of research in his outfit, something worked while giving the impression that it is natural , almost “ effortless ”.

What do you think of men who pay attention to their style?

Emma — In itself there is no harm, on the contrary. On the other hand, if he overdoes it and starts to want to give himself a gender through his style of dress… it’s simply no for me!

Sarah — I think it’s all about subtlety and balance , I prefer someone who shows some respect for their body and image than someone who doesn’t pay attention to it at all.

Léa — Frankly, I don’t think a man who pays attention to his style should be characterized as “effeminate”. There are so many more possibilities these days for men in terms of clothes that it would be silly not to exploit them! And I am convinced that a man who pays little attention to his own style will not be able to give it to a woman (smile).

What is the limit not to exceed?

Eliane — Very good question… the more I think about it, the more I realize that men often don’t have the right outfit for the circumstances, depending on the place , the type of evening or the event . And that sucks!

Léa — The smell ! I am the first to say that a very good perfume for a man is vital. But not from there to pulverize the whole bottle … A guy who cocottes more than a woman for me is unbearable .

Emma — I like clean men , you know, the kind of person who pays attention to their hygiene and therefore to their appearance … But there is a very fine line between taking care of yourself and being too much with a perfect look. studied from every angle, haha! So if I had to give you some advice: keep it natural!

The timeless garment for you?

Sarah — The white shirt , a basic that can be both casual, worn with jeans or chic with suit pants.

Anna — The short jacket , which stops almost at the level of the pelvis. It immediately sculpts the silhouette, worn with a fitted sweater or a t-shirt and good jeans, simple and effective.

Eliane — The white round-neck t-shirt is a real basic that goes with everything!

The garment to avoid at all costs?

Anna — The ultra -low-cut tank top that spills over the nipples is anything but sexy… all the more so when its wearer is hairy. Just no!

Eliane — The mismatched jacket of a 3-piece suit, worn over a t-shirt and striped faded denim pants, please!

Sarah — Flip- flops , German sandals ,… in general, anything that shows the toes, not sexy at all.

Emma — I agree with everything that was said, but I would also like to insist on ultra-tight jeans, skinny as possible, I don’t understand how the citrus press effect could be attractive (general laughter) !

The style that excites you?

Eliane — I would say original , with a retro touch , not to mention a specific era. For examplestraight cut suit pants with a white t-shirt , john lenon glasses and why not a small earring?

Léa — Minimalist-streetwear , very trendy… I love seeing the superimpositions of materials that mingle with clothes that are both oversized and more fitted . The little extra is when it has thisvery nice after-shave smell , the raw man (rhhhhh).

Sarah — A very workwear style that gives the feeling that the guy masters his job , even that he manages his multinational with a masterful hand (haha)!

Anna — I absolutely love the adventurer/traveler type who always dresses chic , but remains sober . He seems prepared for all eventualities and it’s so sexy . And I don’t say no to the little bun (smile)!

What do you think is the biggest dress mistake guys make?

Sarah — Two main errors in my opinion, firstly the suit pants worn without a belt. .. (sighs) Please!!! Secondly the famous t-shirts received free of charge from the business school style , event advertisements … please, use them only for cleaning!

Eliane — Concretely, the pants , let me clarify my thinking, in most cases guys tend to choose pants that are too big and therefore often very poorly made . As a result, they are often falling at the level of the buttocks , or flabby … totally “uncool” (haha)!

Léa — Universal truth, when a guy finds a favorite piece , he starts to wear only it, thinking that quality replaces diversity! Generally in addition he wears it down to the marrow, believing that we will not see that the garment is at the end of its total life!

What do you like to see a man wear?

Emma — The little turtleneck just fitted to perfection , paired with a long coat… sometimes I wish I could rip it off and devour it raw (haha)!

Eliane — So, since I was talking about pants earlier, I love men who know how to choose the right cut , the right pants that fit them like a glove. And then, to be honest, I find it disappointing that they never show off their butts! With so much muscu it’s a shame!

Sarah — A very nice bracelet or awrist watch , or even old school vans or an original brand of sneakers .

Your total “buzz kill” in a man?

Eliane — It kills love, but the real thing kills love, for me it’s the guys who pour themselves a mind-blowing amount of hair gel , and on top of that they get the epic pig cut of the 2000s… Hello Tectonics!

Léa — The smell ! Once again I insist on this point but I think that all the fairer sex will agree with me when I say that a man who smells of sweat is just not possible! It’s 2018 anyway, so we’re making efforts gentlemen!

Anna — It’s not really a question of style, but a man who doesn’t exude a minimum of self-confidence is n’t sexy at all! I’ve always thought that was important , especially on a first date . And I’m not even talking about the effects it can have on the voice, or the charm… Apollo or not.

What beauty advice would you give to a guy?

EmmaPluck your eyebrows please! The mono-brow has never and will never be fashionable!! Armpits, nose,… to be honest as possible, it’s not sexy.

ElianeThe beard , definitely! Guys with ill-trimmed beards , or semi-goatees … not to mention the impossible shapes to discern, just please keep it simple … and then for all those who can’t make it go see a barber!

Sarah — (laughs) haha! Yes, it’s the same for me, not to mention the sparse or poorly maintained hair on the neck. I can tell you that it’s not charming. Mustache hair covering the lips is no way! Imagine if we did the same!

Make up or not make up?

Eliane — Why not? I’m not against the idea, but not overdoing it either. We often talk about moisturizing creams which are, for me, a male “skincare” routine to be preferred. I remain open to the fact that a man can redraw his eyebrows , while remaining sober , I am looking for a guy not from the competition.

Emma — I have no problem with that if it’s a friend or relative. On the other hand , I couldn’t imagine myself with a guy in everyday life who would say to me “ Emma, ​​you’re putting my mascara on me, please.. I can’t manage! “.

SarahNo make-up, it’s just not possible in my opinion. You’re not going to steal all our privileges! The make-up is ours!

Léa — The classic moisturizing cream , of course, or concealer , I’m not saying no, but that’s where it ends for me.

Now that our small panel has clarified your ideas, you can now direct your stylistic approach in your favor. It’s time to fight back gentlemen. Even if it means impressing the gallery, you might as well pull out all the stops!

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